BHAVANI PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, was established in the year 2008 under Sri Siddeshwar Education Trust (R), Gulbarga. It is was established to impart Industrial Training under the aegis of The National Council of Vocational Training. It has been granted affiliation by DGE&T bearing No. 6/10/71/2008-TC.

About Sri Siddeshwar Education Trust (R)

This trust was created in the year 2007 in Gulbarga, Karnataka, with strong commitment to contribute towards the field of education. The following are the stake holders of this trust.

  1. Smt. Suvarna W/o. Suresh Pujari, President
  2. Sri. Vaiajanath S/o. Somanath Patil, Secretary

Objective of the Trust

  1. To promote Education, Culture, Health & Welfare to the poor, mentally and physically handicapped and disabled persons irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  2. To start, establish, to administer education institutions in various faculties including:
    1. Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary schools in any medium of instructions both under state and central government schemes.
    2. Pre-University, Technical, Job oriented TCH and D.Pharma.
    3. First Grade Colleges, including B.Ed., BCA, MBA, MCA, BBM, B.Textiles, LL.B., and similar and other new courses and I.T.I. in the name and style as "BHAVANI INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE".
    4. Engineering, Computers, Electronic colleges and institutions.
    5. Medical, Dental, Ayurveda, Pharmacy, Nursing and other paramedical courses.
    6. Day colleges and Evening colleges having different courses.
    7. Open University, Residential Schools and Colleges and Pathashalas and schools in various languages.
  3. To start and run the Hostels for the working women, old age people, orphans and destitutes and also to start charitable Hospitals and Hostels for the students of the Institutions run by the Trust.
  4. To purchase sites, lands and construct or alter or demolish buildings for better use in the name of the Trust.
  5. To lease Trust property or take on lease other properties for the Trust where deemed fit and appropriate.
  6. To start vocational Institutions and to achieve the objective of such Institution, to start appropriate Small scale industries.
  7. To adopt or take over the working Educational Institutions and to aid and assist such Institutions where deemed fit and proper in the interests of the Trust.
  8. To take up educational consultancy and provide academic counseling to the students opting different courses.
  9. To carry out all such activities which will up keep the human and moral values.